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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone  - J.K. Rowling I have to admit, it's pretty weird to read this and know that the series is now over. It was like revisiting part of my past, and knowing I could never return to that time again. (And yes, I know exactly how weird that sounds - I've never felt that way about a book before.) Because of that, I can't say whether it was as good as I remembered or not, because it had this atmosphere of nostalgia hanging all over it - making it almost impossible to review properly.There were some things I had forgotten - e.g. how obnoxious Ron and Harry found Hermione in the beginning - and I can't help but think that Dumbledore's way of handling the last-minute point-giving was a bit cruel to the Slytherins. Why make them think that they had won, and then take that away from them at the very last moment? Harry had been in the hospital for 3 days, the points could have been given earlier.But as always, the magic drew me in completely, and I pretty much read this in one sitting yesterday evening.