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A Moment of Weakness: 2 (Forever Faithful)

A Moment of Weakness - Karen Kingsbury I honestly don't really know how to rate or review this book. There were parts of it I loved, and parts where I just wanted to throw the book across the room. I think I'll have to try something new, and do a review in bullet form.Things I Liked* The childhood friendship between Jade and Tanner. Very sweet.* Jade's reaction to meeting God. Brought tears to my eyes.* Jade and Tanner's friendship 'that summer'.* Jade and Ty's relationship* The 'conversations' with God. I always wish I could hear Him that clearly.Things I Disliked* The heavy, heavy, HEAVY forshadowing. It almost made me give up on the book already on page 70!* The blatant moralizing.* How the evil people were evil, with no remedying qualities.* The unrealistic judge and courtcase (at least I hope both were unrealistic!).* Worst of all - how things just got worse, and worse, and worse, and worse, and you could see that it was going to continue downhill (thanks to the lovely forshadowing mentioned above), until finally everything was resolved lickity-split and (as also mentioned above) in a very unrealistic manner. When you end up saying, "Oh, come ON!" as you read the final pages - it is not a good sign.I don't know if this is standard for Karen Kingsbury, or just specific to this book, so I am going to give her a second chance, because as cringe-worthy as the bad things were, I LOVED the good things, so did end up finding it slightly more good than bad.