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If Tomorrow Comes

If Tomorrow Comes - Sidney Sheldon This used to be one of my favourite books. While I can still see what I saw in it when I first discovered it, I think I have gotten somewhat more picky since then, because I wasn't quite as enamoured by it on this rereading.My biggest beef with it is the incredibly unfair treatment of Tracey. Injustice always gets to me, and though Tracey mostly gets revenge, it's not in the way I would prefer... I'm all for crooks realizing the error of their ways, as unrealistic as I know that might be ;)I do enjoy reading about the different schemes Tracey thinks up though and like how some of her scams aren't even illegal - they're just taking advantage of people's greed.Also, Sidney Sheldon still writes extremely captivating stories, and I read all 501 pages in just 2 days, so it still deserves a 5-star rating.