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A Good Yarn

A Good Yarn - Debbie Macomber You know it's been a good book when you look at the watch after 5 minutes and discover that an hour has passed!On the surface just as good as the first book, but there were a few aspects I wasn't so keen on - mainly the intro and wrap-up in first and last chapter, the development between Lydia and Brad and the development between Emily and Maverick.The development between Lydia and Brad bugged me the most. It seemed unbelievable, and I honestly don't see how Lydia can be certain it won't happen again. I know Debbie tried to spin it as a good thing, but I'm not buying it, so that really bugs me. Further details would be going too far into spoiler territory, so I'll leave it there. Maverick wasn't much better though... apparently having a gambling addiction is A-OK as long as you win? *sigh*.Fortunately there was a lot to love in the book as well. Especially the storylines concerning Courtney, Bethanne, Annie and Andrew. Seeing Courtney grow and come out of her shell was lovely :) And apart from the Brad issue, I loved Lydia as well :)